The Immune System

Systematic use of the "Wands of Horus" strengthens the immune system.
The chief advantage of the Wands of Horus lies in the fact that stimulation of the immune system with their aid does not lead to its debilitation, as is observed with the use of medical preparations and also various devices of the DENAS or EDMA type, but on the contrary leads to a strengthening of the immune system! This is the main, fundamental difference between the ancient technology and modern approaches, whose operation is founded on awakening the organism's defensive reactions, causing endocrinal aggression, leading ultimately to exhaustion of the immune system, which we can observe all around us.
At the start of this very important section in the instructions for the Wands of Horus, we point out that the method for the restoration and strengthening of the immune system consists of several stages, each of which is very closely bound up with the Wands of Horus and requires systematic work with them. It is, after all, a fantastic quality of the wands that they retard auto-immune processes!
Every stage and element of the method will be directed towards the restoration and/or strengthening of specific system in the organism, the function of which is most tightly connected with that of the immune system.
At the first stage we shall examine the main factor leading to the debilitation of the immune system. This is important as better knowledge of how our organism functions can help us to avoid errors that lead to permanent energy losses.
The main cause of the organism's worsening immune status, gradually leading to metabolic disorders, aging and the appearance of a broad spectrum of diseases is the contamination ("furring up") of the large intestine. 3/4 of all the elements of the immune system are located in the intestines. We know also that intestinal microflora play the main role in the synthesis of necessary compounds and the excretion of waste products. For many reasons the food that enters the digestive tract cannot be processed completely and it rots in the intestines, contaminating the organism.
As a result of incorrect nutrition, mainly starchy and boiled food devoid of vitamins and minerals (potato, farinaceous foods made with finely ground flour, heavily laced with butter and sugar) jumbled up with protein (meat, processed meat, cheese, eggs, milk), food passing through the large intestine leaves a film of excrement on its walls like fur in a kettle. Collecting in the folds (diverticula) of the large intestine, under conditions of dehydration (up to 95% of the water is extracted in the large intestine) this "fur" forms stones of excrement. As a result, rotting and fermentation are taking place in the large intestine. The toxic products of these processes enter the bloodstream together with water and cause a phenomenon known as intestinal autointoxication (autotoxaemia). It is on this sector of the front in the fight against contamination that the human immune system expends most of its energy and strength, gradually becoming exhausted. Therefore, the first thing that needs to be done on the way to restoring and improving the immune system is to immediately set about cleansing the large intestine with the aid of enemas, herbal decoctions, moderate and correct nutrition.
As this cleansing, which may take a month, proceeds and we rid ourselves of contamination, the energy level of the immune system begins to rise, which immediately brings about an improvement in subjective health, greater capacity for work and vitality. The parallel use of the Wands of Horus and other elements relating to this method will intensify the functional restoration of the immune system as a result of its interaction with the Earth's energy flows.
The next important factor for the normal functioning of the immune system is the balance of oxidants and antioxidants in the cells of the body. In this context we should particularly emphasize that we are talking about stimulating the balance. This is the right time to inform you that research into the properties of water placed in different zones of a pyramid have revealed a small, but significant alteration in the pH of the water. Water exposed in the focal zone had a lower pH value, indicating greater acidity. In the lower zone of the pyramid the opposite effect took place. This change in the properties of the water means an increase or decrease in its oxidizing capacity. When the pH dropped (greater acidity), the oxidizing capacity of the water increased; when the pH rose (greater alkalinity) the water acquired antioxidant properties. This explains one of the mechanisms by which prolonged exposure to a pyramid field affects the human organism – within the pyramid field there is a stimulation of the acid-alkali (oxidant-antioxidant) balance that is a highly important factor and condition for the normal healthy functioning of the cells and of the immune system as a whole. This is one more plane in which lies the answer to the question of why the pyramids were built in remote antiquity.
Besides the pyramid, one of the effective ways of stimulating the acid-alkali balance in the organism and, as a result, the entire immune system is taking a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide (Н2О2). Since nature has not provided us with herbs, vegetables or fruit that contain what the organism needs to stimulate the oxidant-antioxidant balance at the level of atomic oxygen, the internal use of this solution is justified and, most importantly, efficacious. It is important to take account of the individual peculiarities of the organism and the degree to which the particular person has neglected their health to determine a rational dosage. (See the section "The method of using hydrogen peroxide").
For a deeper general energy stimulation of the organism and the immune system, you should use copper patches applied to the Hegu and Zusanli acupuncture points. (See the section "The use of copper patches to stimulate the immune system and directed action on the disorders of individual organs") .
In conjunction with the use of copper patches on the Hegu and Zusanli acupuncture points, for more effective stimulation of the immune system we recommend the use of small perforated patches placed on the feet and on the chest in the region of the thymus gland. Stimulation of these energy projections of the organs of the endocrine system encourages the restoration and activation of the immune system, taking into account the losses of energy in the colonic section of the digestive tract. The systematic use of this complex of measures has a general strengthening effect on the human organism with a consequent overall improvement in the energetic and physical condition, an improvement in circulation and retardation or halting or undesirable processes taking place in the organism. After recuperating its strength, the immune system will set about correcting disorders in the organism with triple force. Many people have noted, for example, that a cold when treated with conventional remedies or with none can last 7–10 days, sometimes more; while for regular users of the Wands of Horus, the process was different, much more severe, but over, as a rule, within a single day and night. In other words, the immune system, having gathered strength, coped with the infection with a single powerful blow in contrast to the sluggish course of the illness caused by a weakened immune system.
The following stage, incorporating a number of important measures aimed at raising the immune system and the user's inner capacities to a higher level, should be carried out with individual peculiarities in mind. The necessity to consider specific nuances of the particular individual's actual state of health means that the material relating to this stage is extensive and will be published separately in the medical instructions for the use of the Wands of Horus.
In completing the description of the main stages that do not require special preparation and are accessible to all, we would add that:
For a more profound restoration of the immune system you should use the Wands of Horus next to natural sources of energy, such as rivers, lakes, the sea, forests and mountains. It is in such settings that the human organism (energy bodies as well as the physical one) best absorbs and transforms natural energy. (See the section The energy and biological rhythms of trees for the correction of the energy and physical state of human beings.)
Regularly walking outdoors barefoot holding the wands encourages the normalization of the metabolism and a more profound restoration of the functions of the immune system. The stimulating effect of the Wands of Horus will lead to a more intensive absorption of natural and pure energy flows by the human energy system. Such an activation of the energy centers makes it possible to increase your energy potential and bio-energy field.
Experiments conducted over many years to establish the properties of pyramids have shown that the pyramid field has a pronounced immuno-modulating effect on the human organism, enhancing the stimulating and strengthening influence that the Wands of Horus and natural factors have on the immune system. For a better result you should consume foods, juices, water and herbal decoctions that have been exposed in a pyramid.
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